We are working very hard to bring the people of Wroughton a fun packed Carnival for 2021, and are busy asking for sponsorship, to help with our ongoing costs.

Anyone interested in sponsoring the 2021 carnival please email Wroughtoncarnival@gmail.com.

Very generously Earthline have offered a substantial amount to Wroughton Carnival

Very generously  Richard James have also offered a substantial amount to Wroughton Carnival

Bellway have also helped out Wroughton Carnival with sponsorship

Many thanks to Haskins Garage for their generous sponsorship.


                          Haskins now                                                                                 Haskins as it was

And thanks to EZ Skips for their support

Finally thank you for your support Nana's, feeding Wroughton with your delicious coffee and cakes 

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haskins as it was.jpg
ez skips 2.jpg
custom cake 4.jpeg